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10 Reasons You Need to Try Alpine Hiking in Whistler

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10 Reasons You Need to Try Alpine Hiking in Whistler

10 Reasons You Need to Try Alpine Hiking in Whistler

Think the mountains are only fun in the summer if you have a mountain bike?

Think again.

Summertime in Whistler brings a total transformation to Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Though you might be used to trekking around the mountain on skis or a snowboard, you’ll quickly discover that it’s just as much fun to explore the area by foot.

Whistler Blackcomb does an impeccable job at preparing and maintaining an extensive network of hiking trails. Here are 10 reasons why should lace up your hiking boots and head up the mountains the next time you’re in Whistler:

10. Wild About Wildflowers

If you love the way the mountains look covered in snow, just wait until you see how they look blanketed in wildflowers. The mountains come alive when the multi-coloured wildflowers bloom—don’t forget to stop along the trails to smell a few.

9. Exercise Those Lungs

Between the varying terrain and the stunning views, you’ll hardly notice that you’re getting in quite a good workout on your alpine hike. Bonus: hiking at an altitude will keep your lungs in tip top shape for your winter alpine activities.

8. Marmots, Birds and Bears—Oh My!

WH-hiking4 Keep your eyes peeled on your alpine hike and you just might spot some local wildlife. Try to catch a glimpse of an adorable whistling marmot—these critters inspired the name of our town—and stay focused on gondola and chairlift rides for a chance to spy a black bear!

7. Cool Down in the Alpine Lakes

You can’t see them in the winter, but the crisp alpine lakes reveal themselves as the summer sun hits the sky. There are plenty of lakes to explore, so pick a path and follow it until you hit these impossibly blue bodies of water.

6. Run For the Hills

Runners, get ready for a whole new challenge: trail running in the alpine is as exhilarating as it gets. The added difficulty of running the trails at a high altitude will keep you working hard, but you’ll be rewarded with some worthy views.

5. Keeping it Cool

Summertime in Whistler can be hot, and we mean hot. Here’s a closely kept secret: temperatures in the alpine are typically five degrees or so cooler than in the Valley. If you find things a little too warm down below, just head up!

4. Views For Miles

The panoramic views that you can catch while hiking Whistler and Blackcomb are impossible to describe. Let’s just say that you’ll definitely want to bring your camera to snap some shots of the scenery you’ll encounter while hiking the alpine.

3. Something For Every Occasion

With more than 50 kilometres of trails—plus lots of backcountry hiking to explore in Garibaldi Park—you’ll find trails of all kinds: short, long, easy, challenging, flat, undulant, etc. No matter your skill level or schedule, you’ll have an incredible time exploring Whistler’s alpine.

2. Save Your Knees

WH-hiking3 There are plenty of worthwhile mountains to hike in the Whistler area, but here’s why you can’t beat Whistler and Blackcomb: chairlift and gondola access means that you can skip the arduous climb up and the knee-knackering descent down the mountains, if you so choose.

1. Dear Christine’s

If you don’t know Christine’s, you’ll want to become acquainted: it’s where you’ll find a satisfying meal and an ice cold glass of beer waiting for you after a day spent exploring. This mountaintop restaurant has a West Coast-inspired menu and an impressive wine list to go with it. There’s no better way to cap off your hike.

Now that you’re up to speed on alpine hiking in Whistler, it’s time to book your hotel room and get started on your mountaintop adventures! Contact us now to get started.  

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