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Getting Around Whistler Village Without Getting Lost

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Getting Around Whistler Village Without Getting Lost

It’s easy to see that Whistler Village has heavily influenced the design of ski resorts across North America. The design of the world famous mountain getaway was successful in celebrating the natural surroundings, and creating a pedestrian-oriented streetscape that allows people to interact, and feel a sense of place and community.

Finding your way around Whistler

With all that being said, one can find from time to time that a walkable town — can mean walking in circles. From seasoned veterans to first time visitors, navigating Whistler Village is an essential tool for experiencing the many nooks, crannies, local favourites, and endless retail outlets this small town has to offer.

The first step to mastering this beautiful labyrinth is acquiring a Village Map. Maps can be found in every hotel lobby, bus stop, and at every street corner. This easy to use guide, filled with key points and directions, will help you and your family to maximize your parade along the aptly named Village Stroll. Accessing all hot spots and boroughs of Whistler is certainly more easily achieved with this handy pocket map.

Along with the names and locations of all of Whistlers attractions, you will find the names and numbers of the most popular restaurants in town to help you wine and dine happily during your stay. While enjoying some of Whistlers legendary cuisine, don’t forget the easiest way to discover something new and delicious is to ask a local.

Although it may seem anyone and everyone walking along the bustling streets of the Village could be a resident, there is a secret hiding up Whistlers sleeve in plain sight. Keep your eyes peeled for the friendly, volunteer Village Hosts speckled throughout town. Hint: They wear red. Their booths are perched on most main walkways and in all of the major squares. Their vast knowledge will help you find your way whether it be to the best runs of the day, or even a place to stay. There are no wrong questions with these cheery hosts, so be sure to use them to your advantage.

To truly understand why Whistler is an award winning resort destination, you will need to see it all. From the top of Peak Chair, down into the lakes of the Valley, there are resources readily available to see you wherever you wish to go. So get out there, grab a map, ask around, and soon enough you will be an expert too, sharing what you've learned with the next person. There is one thing for certain — sometimes you have to get lost to find what you've been looking for.

When in doubt, give the locals at Whistler Hotels a call at Toll Free 1.877.932.2285. We`d be happy to help.

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