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Take a Hike: Whistler’s Best Hikes

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Take a Hike: Whistler’s Best Hikes

Take a Hike: Whistler’s Best Hikes

It's no secret that the mountains in the Whistler area are nothing short of incredible.

While most visitors to Whistler opt to explore the local mountains by way of ski or snowboard, they are just as fun to discover by foot on summertime hikes.

The valley boasts countless trails that are well-suited for a mellow excursion, but the real fun takes place atop local summits: challenging ascents will be rewarded with the most spectacular views that you have ever seen. Here are some of the best hikes in the area, each of which provides a legitimate excuse to plan a trip to Whistler!

High Note Trail

Want the views without the effort of climbing a mountain? Take advantage of the alpine hiking routes on Whistler Blackcomb, where the gondolas do the bulk of the work for you. The High Note Trail is one of the most scenic walks: take Peak chair to the top of Whistler Mountain, and follow the trail as it takes you around the mountain and back to the Roundhouse.

The Chief

South of Whistler in Squamish lies the world's second largest granite monolith, the Stawamus Chief. It is impossible to miss on your drive up to Whistler: just watch for the impressive sheer drop of rock along the highway. Though you might witness a few brave climbers scaling the granite face, hikers can take an easier route, reaching the peak by way of trail. The climb is a bit of a grind, but it's a relatively short hike (decently fit hikers can reach the first peak in around an hour) and the rewards are well worth it. Check out each of the Chief's three peaks to pick your favourite view.

Wedge Mountain

As you scan the horizon from Whistler to Blackcomb and beyond, you'll spot a pointy mountain in the range that looks something like a wedge of cheese. This is Wedge, one of Whistler's best kept secrets. While other nearby mountains can get congested on summer weekends, Wedge is typically a little quieter. This hike has got it all: tough (but well-marked) trails, unbelievable views, a glacier, and the true-blue Wedgemount Lake. You can do the up-and-down in a single day, or camp up top amidst the wildflowers overlooking the glacial lake.

Black Tusk

If you've ever taken a photo at the top of Peak Chair or Harmony Chair on a perfect bluebird Whistler ski day, chances are that the Black Tusk is sitting pretty in the background. Come summer, this is one of the region's best hikes. It truly feels like multiple hikes in one: from switchbacks in the dense rainforest to open trails through wildflowers to scrambling through rock fields, the Black Tusk is no easy feat-- but the views will keep you entertained throughout the hike, and the feeling of reaching the Black Tusk itself will give you a feeling of accomplishment like no other. It's possible to do the hike in the day, but many prefer to break it up with an overnight camping trip. Garibaldi Lake is the perfect place to pitch a tent. Tackling the actual tusk requires some climbing gear and nerves of steel-- don't worry, you don't need to conquer it to say you reached the peak!

So grab your trail shoes, gather your pack, and go take a hike!  

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