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The A-to-Zs of Whistler’s River of Golden Dreams

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The A-to-Zs of Whistler’s River of Golden Dreams

The A-to-Zs of Whistler’s River of Golden Dreams

Making your way down the River of Golden Dreams is, without a doubt, one of Whistler’s best summer activities. This low-cost, family-friendly experience lets you witness Whistler’s wilderness up close while indulging your sense of adventure. The River of Golden Dreams simply has it all, and choosing to spend an afternoon meandering from Alta Lake to Green Lake is a no brainer—it’s easier than ABC. Here’s what you need to know about this fantastic adventure, from A to Z! Whistler-Kayaking-Canoeing1   A is for Alta Lake, the spectacular lake in the centre of Whistler that will make up the first leg of your River of Golden Dreams paddle. You’ll cross the tranquil waters of Alta Lake before entering the head of the River of Golden Dreams. B is for Beaver—keep your eyes peeled as you cruise along the river, and you just might spot a beaver swimming by you! You never know what kind of wildlife you’ll encounter along the way. C is for Canoe, one of the best means of transport for tackling the river. D is for Dreams. You’ll understand why the waterway is named “River of Golden Dreams” after spending a few hours on the water. It’s so idyllic that you’ll think you’re dreaming. E is for Easy: the river is a relatively mellow ride, and it’s definitely easy enough that kids of all ages can join in on the fun.     Whistler-Kayaking-Canoeing3 F is for Family Fun. If you’re looking for the perfect family adventure, this is absolutely it. G is for Green Lake, the glacier-fed lake that meets you at the end of the River of Golden Dreams. As the name suggests, Green Lake is the most beautiful emerald colour—but don’t fall in here, because the water is very chilly! H is for Hot. When the temperature starts to rise, head straight to the River of Golden Dreams. A quick dip in the water is all you’ll need to cool down. I is for Invigorated, which is what you’ll feel while navigating corners and pushing along the rushing water. A paddle along the River of Golden Dreams will wake you up better than any cup of coffee can. J is for Journey. From the moment you begin your trip down the river to the moment you step out of your watercraft, you’ll be having a total blast. Whistler-Kayaking-Canoeing6 K is for Kayak. You can rent single or double kayaks, both of which are great options for flowing down the river. L is for Lakeside Park. Most people start the River of Golden Dreams at this park along Alta Lake, which provides you with washroom facilities and a snack bar to get ready for your trip down the river. M is for Mountain Vistas. You’ll see some incredible views along the river, including our picture perfect local mountains. N is for Nice and Easy. If you’re after a smooth lazy-river type of float, opt for a River of Golden Dreams adventure later in the summer, when the water is calm. O is for Old-Growth Forests, one of the many spectacular natural features you’ll encounter en route. P is for Portage. Depending on the conditions, you might have to do a portage or two—but don’t worry, they are very short and easy to navigate. Q is for Quintessential Whistler. Ask any local about the River of Golden Dreams, and they’ll likely tell you it’s one of their favourite Whistler activities. R is for Rushing. If you’re after rigorous waters and a bit more of a challenge, float the river in the spring months. S is for Safety. Don’t forget to sport a personal flotation device and to abide by Transport Canada’s on-water safety requirements. T is for Two to Three Hours, which is how long it will take you to make your way down the River of Golden Dreams. U is for UV Protection. You’re bound to get a lot of sun on your trip down the river, so wear plenty of sunscreen to protect your skin. nn05 V is for Views. If you’ve got a waterproof camera, you’ll want to bring it to capture the gorgeous scenery along the way. W is for Wildflowers. As you paddle along Whistler’s meadows, take note of the bright wildflowers unique to this area of the world. X is for the E”X”plorer 200. This bright orange inflatable boat is one of the most popular vessels used by locals to float the river. Y is for Youthful—not just because kids love the River of Golden Dreams, but because anyone who paddles the river can’t help but feel energized and totally, completely alive. Z is for Zeal. If you’ve got zeal, then you’ve got to get to the River of Golden Dreams. Get in touch with us and we can help make it happen for you!  
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