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Whistler Heli Skiing & Boarding

Heli Skiing & Boarding | Whistler Winter Activities

Whistler Heli Skiing & Boarding

Powder Mountain Heli Skiing / Cat SkiingIf you've ever wanted to drop in to a nameless run, this is the season to do so. We'll be flying an A-Star helicopter - one pilot, one fully certified professional heliski guide, and four guests to some of the most amazing and easily accessible terrain anywhere. No matter what your powder ability we have runs for you. Just learning to link turns in powder and want to get "the trick"? How about a 4000 foot run down a glacier that by the bottom of the run you will know how to powder ski and if you don't, we'll just have to do it again. If you already have powder skiing or riding ability, we have runs that will make you want to quit your job, cash in your retirement plan and live in a motor home in our parking lot. Our fully certified heliski guides will take you out into the backcountry to experience powder skiing and riding like it is supposed to be, un-tracked, un-hurried, un-crowded, unbelievable. Frequently Asked Questions Powder Mountain's Helicopters From first time powder skiers to seasoned backcountry powder hounds, we have it all:  virgin powder spread over 4,300 acres and five peaks, with over 40% more snow than Whistler Blackcomb. When you come out into the backcountry you will get the goods. We may be only 20 minutes down the road from Whistler but we're in a different snow belt. We get more. Way more. Our powder is fresh, not farmed. The A-Star Helicopter is the most beautiful ski lift ever invented. With just 6 seats: one pilot, one fully certified heliski guide and four guests, your day is incredible from the second you arrive. The A-Star is small, nimble, fast, safe and the perfect machine for flying in the mountains. When you ski from an A-Star you will remember it for the rest of your life. It's that good. Frequently Asked Questions Powder Mountain's Cat's There is no snowcat that can compare to the power, reliability, comfort and speed of the Pisten Bully Snowcat. A couple of years ago we made a huge investment and sold all our Bombardier cats and entered into a lease purchase agreement for Pisten Bully 300's from Cold Smoke Leasing Co. We went from a really good day being 9 or 10 runs to an average day being 9 -10 runs. The old record for most runs was 11. Now it's 15. That's why we made the investment to run Pisten Bully snowcats. The new cats are so fast that our old "fast cat" the Pisten Bully 280 was sold last year because it just couldn't keep up. We wanted everyone to have the same experience, epic powder skiing from a Pisten Bully 300. It's also nice that the Pisten Bully’s offer superior comfort and reliability when it comes to getting up the mountain to get the untracked snow. The cats have bucket coach seats in all our passenger cabins. The bucket seats really let you relax on the way up the mountain in between runs. It's amazing how much less energy you use over the course of a day not having to hold on to the seat in front of you and just settling back into your seat. Some guests said it made their day. Every one said they had more energy to ski. That was cool, we just wanted them because they were more comfortable. Classic! To ensure that your ride up is as comfortable as your run down is fun, the passenger cabins are especially designed for your group of 12, 2 guides and photographer. The cabins are heated so even on the coldest day, catskiing is a warm fun powder adventure. When it’s minus 20’ and the snow is a good as it will ever get, having a heated 10-15 minute ride up for your next run will make you ready to really charge on each run. It might ruin you on chairlifts and t-bars forever. With the cabin's big windows, you get the best view of the surrounding peaks that have made this part of the world legendary. On the first run of the day it takes about 25 - 40 minutes depending on which peak we are skiing, to get up to the peak from our base lodge - about the same time it takes to get from the village to the top of 7th Heaven on Blackcomb. We have done extensive route work and road cutting in the last two years to make the run up from our base lodge as fast as possible.  No matter how powerful and nice the cat is or how comfy and relaxing the seats are... we're here to ski and ride. We want that first run to come as quick as possible. After the initial run to the peak the runs come quickly. Your average cat time is 10-15 minutes per run. This gives time to catch your breath, grab a snack or a drink, compare face shot stories with your new best friends, and be ready and rested to hit it when you get to the top.

Cat Day

Cost: $549 Cdn /person

  • A day of catboarding or skiing is $549 Cdn +5% GST per person per day
  • You get a full day of backcountry cat skiing/ snowboarding in our private 4,300 acre area
  • An average day is 7,000 to 10,000 vertical feet with 6-10 runs being average
  • A full day in the cat is no less than 7,000 vertical feet of skiing.

Private Cat Day

Cost: $6,039 Cdn /person

  • A private cat is $5,489 Cdn +5% GST for up to 12 people per day giving you one free seat off the cost of retail. You find 11 friends your seat is free. This is really what you want to get if you want to have the best day of your life with your family or friends

4 Run Heli

Cost: $1050 Cdn/person

  • Our 4 run heli package is $1050 Cdn+5% GST per person per day
  • The 4 run package is usually between 4500 and 7500 vertical feet
  • Extra runs are charged at $95 Cdn per run

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